since 1940

About us

Vogue&LV was born in 1940 with the opening of our first shoe store in the city of La Coruña, Spain. Our long history, experience and constant search for the latest trends have made us one of the Galician distributors of reference in the world of footwear and accessories.

The group has shops in the main Galician cities, as well as in Valladolid and Zaragoza, where we offer our clients premium brands. In addition we have our own footwear lines represented through our brands VGE (formerly Vogue), LV, Moksha and S4U, with a great value for money and innovative design.

We believe in the products we sell, careful selection, a mix of well-known brands and new designers. We believe in creating a unique experience, both in stores and online. We believe in connecting our customers with the products they love. We believe in great ideas, and in doing things a little differently. We continue to manufacture our own brands because we believe that a well-designed product can have a very real and tangible effect on our lives.

  • 1940

    We opened our first shoe store.

    We started selling shoes in 1940, opening the Vogue shoe store, which is still open today on Calle Real, in La Coruña.

    zapatería vogue en 1940

  • 1977

    LV shoe store was born

    LV shoe store was born this year with the opening our first LV shoe store, which carries the name of our founder López Villanueva. We began to expand through Galicia, opening more stores.

  • 1979

    Self-made shoes

    This year marked a turning point, not only did we sell recognized brands, but our passion for footwear, made us start designing and manufacturing our own models, which we continue to manufacture today, and always with the same philosophy of quality, design and affordable prices.

    Marcas como Zapatos Vogue, hoy VGE y Zapatos LV. Ver nuestros zapatos VGE, o LV.

  • 2009

    We opened the first sustainable store in Spain

    In May 2009 we achieved one of our main purposes: to open the first sustainable store in Spain, made and decorated with criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency with a reduction of emissions of 2.8 tons of CO2 and the use of recycled materials, as well as Eco paintings and biodegradable bags.

  • 2010

    We opened our online store

    We opened our online shoe store in 2010. We unified our Vogue and LV shoe stores under the same name: Vogue & LV, and launched our first online store.

  • 2012

    Opening of new stores

    In 2012 we started our expansion outside of Galicia, opening stores in Valladolid and Zaragoza.

  • 2015

    New image

    75 years after opening our first shoe store, we launched our new online store, with a new face, an image that conveys not only our values, but the name of our founder, López Villanueva (LV) two surnames that have accumulated experience and passion for the world of footwear.